In recent months I have had the privilege of being interviewed for two podcasts:

One: Mark Watson of ABI Wellness and a leader in brain injury care in British Columbia interviewed me for the Brain Mastery Podcast. Mark asked me many wise questions that helped tease out the core concepts and modifications I make in the Mindful Concussion approach. Honestly I think it’s the best summary of the main arguments behind what I am doing. Many in the brain injury community know about the efficacy of mindfulness for brain injury care. They know it can help, but they don’t all know it can also hinder. I have since heard that many of the brain injury specialists who have listened to the podcast found it to be very informative. I hope you will too.

What is unique about ABI Wellness is that their BEARS approach to brain injury care is that one of the four components is mindfulness (plus cognitive training, cardio, and progress tracking). I love that they don’t just say mindfulness is good; they have incorporated it right into the heart of their approach.

Two: Cindy Thompson interviewed me for her A Resilience Project podcast. Cindy is a counsellor and a coach who is (obviously) jazzed about how we can all become more resilient. I loved the opportunity to share some insights about how mindfulness has served me not only in regards to my brain injury, but also through divorce, the death of my mother, and becoming an empty-nester. Cindy wraps it up by expertly pulling out core messages, including the power of simply placing our hand on our heart and saying ‘this is hard.’

I think it is so sweet that Cindy is devoting a whole podcast to what I like to call the ‘verb’ to resilience. Resiliencing is something we can do every day in little and bigger ways. If we think of resilience like moss that has been squished down by the weight of our woes, we can peel off the layers bit by bit. In other podcast interviews Cindy gives voice to many people who are resiliencing in a myriad of creative, inspirational ways.

So throw on your earbuds. Take a listen. Drop me a line. I’d love to know what you found most of interest in either or both of these podcasts.