Learn how to incorporate the mindful concussion approach into your daily life. Develop a wide-range of concrete practices you can call on to cultivate calm clarity in the middle of the concussion storm.

Mindful Concussion Care Course

This 8-week zoom-based course is a beautiful opportunity to gather in community and deeply integrate the mindful concussion approach into daily life. It combines mindful concussion care, stress reduction, mindfulness in nature, mindful eating, slow yoga, self-compassion, as well as gratitude and joy practices to cultivate calm clarity.

At the moment this course is only being offered to organizations, not individuals. Please let me know if you would like to bring me on to the run this course (or a shorter version of it) for your clients/students.



Payment by Sliding Scale

To make things fair, payment for Mindful Concussion services have three options:

Actual price: $250

Supported price (only for those who truly cannot afford the Actual Price ie the unemployed): $150

Supporter price (for those who can afford to support those who cannot afford the Actual Price – thank you so much!!!): $350

Decide which category fits you based on your actual ability to invest in mindfulness education. A retired person with no mortgage may pay more than a working person with two kids in care.

In deciding what to pay, please remember that I have a brain injury and I cannot work full-time. I offer these services with love, but I still need to pay the bills, including many business costs!

Enjoy these INTRODUCTORY prices right now because they will go up in September. These prices are well below industry standard because I know that survivors often struggle financially….

Webinar for the Canadian Association Occupational Therapists

I was so honoured to have the opportunity to share my lessons learned with OTs from across Canada. They were the first to encourage me to take up mindfulness!

Occupational Therapists can purchase this one-hour webinar from CAOT “The Power and the Perils of Prescribing Mindfulness for Brain Injury Care” and receive credits for doing so. I will get a small fee in return – enough to buy a cookie that I can mindfully savour at least!



Mindfulness is a powerful tool to help survivors learn to self-regulate their nervous system arousal. Since traumatic brain injury (TBI) survivors are so easily dysregulated, being asked to pay intimate, prolonged attention to their bodies/symptoms can be overwhelming. Without modifications, survivors may give up on mindfulness, since many TBI survivors are also trauma survivors, in worst case scenarios it can lead to re-traumatization.

This webinar will explore the efficacy of mindfulness for TBI survivors. Relatively easy to teach/learn modifications will be shared in order to leave survivors with a sense of agency and an understanding that fear of (and reaction to) symptoms is often worse than the symptoms themselves.

After taking part in this webinar, participants will be able to: 

  1. Understand the efficacy of prescribing mindfulness for traumatic brain injury (TBI) care.
  2. Understand the importance of modifying mindfulness for TBI care.
  3. Offer clients concrete tips to help them take advantage of the power of mindfulness without falling prey to the perils of mindfulness for TBI care and to, as one student put it, to ‘no longer be a slave to my symptoms.’

FREE Bi-Monthly Circle-Ups for Survivors

I am pleased to offer a chance for us to gather in community to practice, share, and learn together.

Each hour-long zoom will include a guided meditation, tips and tricks for building your very own Mindful Concussion program, time for Q and A, and a chance to connect with fellow survivors. It’s hard to have a brain injury, but it’s easier when we do it together!

It’s OK if you don’t feel great that day. Come anyway. You can turn your camera off. You can lie down. You are welcome however you show up.

Up-coming Circle-Ups:

Saturday, May 11, 2024

Sunday, June 23, 2024

(we take a break over the summer, but we will be back at it in September)

10 AM PST 

Hit the Register button to email Jessie with the subject line ‘Circle-Ups’ to sign up to get notified with the time and date and the zoom link for this and future Circle-Ups.

One-on-one Mindful Concussion Support

These 30-minutes sessions are not therapy, but a way to help you build your very own Mindful Concussion Program! It’s a beautiful way to learn how to cultivate calm clarity – instead of feed freak-out and fogginess….Come, let’s enjoy a cup of tea together….
Payment by sliding scale
Payment is based on a three-tiered model:
  • Actual price: $37
  • Supported price: $25 (for those who cannot afford the actual price)
  • Supporter price: $50 (for those who can afford to support those who can’t afford the actual price)