Do you struggle with post-concussion symptoms? Foggy-brain, dizziness, headaches, overwhelm?
You’re not alone.

Hi! I’m Jessie. I’m a concussion survivor, a meditation practitioner & an educator. While no two concussions are alike, most concussion and trauma survivors tend to be easily overwhelmed. Learn ​how I modify mindfulness practices ​to help you stay out of overwhelm and cultivate calm clarity.

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Learn the key concepts in the mindful concussion care approach so you can begin to integrate them immediately.



I offer a range of courses and workshops to help you incorporate mindful concussion strategies into your life.


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I love helping people cultivate calm clarity. See what people are saying about my approach and teaching style.


Hi, I’m Jessie.

Like you, I too am a concussion survivor. Or in medical terms, I too have a traumatic brain injury (TBI). I am not talking about the majority whose symptoms are resolved within weeks. I’m talking about the minority of us whose symptoms persist for months and years. It so sucks, right? ​No one seems to understand!

But I do. I do understand.

I am here to tell you that as hard as it is, there are so many strategies we can learn to cultivate calm clarity. I am here to humbly offer you the hard-earned lessons I have learned along the way.

Support from the experts

Rick Hanson, world-renowned neuropsychologist and meditation teacher:

“You’re a deep person, Jessie, and I’m really happy you are blossoming into a teaching role yourself.”

Katryna Koenig, Executive Director of the Watson Centre Society for Brain Health and Board member of the BC Brain Injury Association:

“I am SO impressed to see your fantastic program and website. I’m so inspired to see your work and passion to provide this practice.”

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Welcome to my Mindful Concussion Blog!

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